10 tips to deal with stress and anxiety


Many people feel worried and anxious from time to time – this is normal – but if worrying becomes excessive this can stop you from leading a normal life.

Difficult situations don’t cause us stress in themselves – it’s more about the interpretation that we place on them.

Here are some tips to help you manage your anxiety at stressful times.

1. Concentrate on the positive

2. Turn changes into opportunities

3. Try to maintain a healthy balance in your life

4. Try to identify what worries you more than it should

5. It’s okay to worry about things but choose when to do so

6. Establish routines

7. Practise gratitude

8. Remember that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body

9. Use relaxation techniques

10. Most importantly, believe in yourself.

You can’t worry your problems away. Worrying too much blinds us to possible solutions.


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