International Christmas carol… from CEU-UCH


Learn languages… by singing Jingle Bells this Christmas!


“Jingle Bells” in English, Spanish, French, and Taiwanese… From the CEU-UCH University Languages Service, we just wanted to wish CEU Cardenal Herrera University a merry Christmas. The teachers and students involved in the languages courses of this Service,  Spanish, French, Taiwanese, British, and Erasmus students from different countries that are here at CEU-UCH have participated in the recording of this Christmas video. The aim is to wish everyone a merry Christmas by singing the same song in four different languages.

The CEU-UCH Languages Service has counted on invaluable cooperation from staff at CEU –UCH´s Centre for Audiovisual Production and Multimedia “Bartolomé Marqués Serra” in the recording of this video in Studio1.

If you want to learn languages by singing Jingle Bells this Christmas, follow the lyrics! Download de PDF JINGLE BELL and watch the video! Sing with us!




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