Exciting news in the annual CEU Christmas Concert: the Bilingual Dentistry Chamber Orchestra


Bilingual Dentistry CEU Chamber Orchestra

Last academic year the basis for a new project was set out, this project was the BILINGUAL DENTISTRY CEU CHAMBER ORCHESTRA and today we can say it is an exciting reality.

Bilingual Dentistry CEU Chamber Orchestra

This international chamber group, made up of dentistry students from 1st year to 5th year in addition to professors from the degree course, is run by Professor Dr. Juan Luis Ferrer Molina. He is also responsible for aiding and continuing the musical training that some began many years ago.

Director Dr Juan Luis Ferrer Molina

This group is made up of:

  • Director: Dr. Ferrer
  • Teacher: Mar Jovani (Flute)
  • Students:
    • 1st year: Tina (cello)
    • 2nd year: Abraham (violin), Kevin ko (viola)
    • 3rd year:  Cindy (violin), Alex (violin), Andy (violin)
    • 4th year: Ruke (violin)
    • 5th year: Brian (violin)

Their first performance.

Last Friday, 13th December, they had the opportunity to celebrate their first performance by being invited by the School of Dentistry and Stomatology of Valencia to participate in their traditional Christmas concert accompanying the School´s choir. It was an intimate ceremony where, in addition to enjoying musical pieces such as Bach´s Cantata 147 and Pachelbel’s Canon, traditional carols were sung by children attending the event who were excited at the opportunity to deliver their letters to the Three Kings.


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