Enjoy Summer time in Valencia!


Valencia is the third largest city in Spain. Especially in the Summer it is the perfect choice to visit. Valencia is a rich cocktail of impressive architecture, lively streets full of tourists from all over the world and nightlife. And you can not miss also spectacular beaches and numerous water sports which you will give a new experience during your stay here.

In the city center you can find many Valencia’s Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance architecture mainly in the old quarter matches well with the ultra modern structures of Santiago Calatrava’s City of Arts and Sciences.


For example you have to visit a Cathedral which was built between the 13th and 15th centuries, mixing Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque features. Paintings by Goya and other major artists are also worth seeing.


Valencia is a city with many great opportunities in terms of culture. During the summer you can find appropriate event for you. The most popular and well known is La Tomatina festival – this year it will take place on 28 August. The annual event billed as ‘the world’s biggest food fight’ gets underway in the town of Buñol, 38 kilometres from Valencia. The famous tomato throwing extravaganza is preceded by a week of music, dancing, fireworks and parades. Also in July you will never feel bored here! During first three weeks of July Valencia’s parks and other outdoor spaces come alive in July with a programme of theatre, film and concerts of all sorts of music, as well as bullfights.

Valencia´s cuisine is perfect, especially for gourmets of riceJ Paella it is the most popular dish from Spain, it is a signature dish of Valencia because it exactly came from this city (Paella Valenciana). In your menu list should be also variety of tapas, e.g. anchoives, jamon, chorizo, fried octopus, prawns.

If you are a nuture lover, definitely you should visit Bioparc full of different kind of animals which live in as natural a habitat as possible in this 21st-century version of a zoo. Explore the ecosystems of the savannah, the forests of Madagascar and equatorial Africa, while getting up close to silverback gorillas, leopards, lions, rhinos, hippos and some very cute meerkats.

Weather during the summer is completely amazing. There is not as hot as in the other city because Valencia is situated in the seaside therefore you can feel breeze and Mediterranean climate. The average temperature oscillates approximately 35 degrees.


Valencia´s seaside is bursting with miles of beach. Las Arenas is the main beach, most accessible and closest to the city. It served a sandy fine ground where you can take a sun bath and rest all the time. Moreover water in the sea is so clear so can not miss swimming.


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