A general overview of Valencian coast: don´t miss its marvellous beaches!


Valencia is situated in the east coast of Spain and directly by the seaside, called costa de Valencia. Thanks to that the climate is completely Mediterranean and pleasant. Moreover marvelous, sandy beaches stretch along the coast. They are 25 kilometers long, and almost all are ideal places to do water sports, for instance: windsurfing, kitesurfing and yachting.


There are several city beaches, and three major beaches outside of Valencia. The most popular city beaches, just north of the port, are Playa de Malvarrosa and Playa e Levante o de la arenas. El Saler is the nicest and best developed beach near Valencia. Devesa is undeveloped and has nice surroundings.


Playa de Malvarrosa it is 3000 meters long and 60 meters width This is a beautiful sandy beach with great facilities and along the whole length are restaurants, pubs, cafes and as well volleyball courts. You will never feel bored there because of all of this attractions. Water sports equipment available to rent bordering the clear crystal blue Mediterranean Sea where visitors can experience the pleasant sea breeze in their leisure time.


El Saler beach is a gorgegous, 6 kilometre sandy beach near the nature reserve of La Albufera that has the international blue flag of a great quality beach.


La Devesa is an isolated, undeveloped and uncrowded rural sandy beach with crystal clear blue waters in the outskirts of Valencia located right in the heart of La Albufera Natural Park. It also has the Blue Flag and a range of services available.


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