A guide to explore Spain’s most enchanting city: Seville

When studying abroad in Spain, you must not hesitate to explore all that it has to offer. With that being said, here’s a quick travel guide to Spain’s most enchanting city: Seville! It is only a 6 hour car ride, 4 hour train ride, and an hour long flight. It’s divine sunny weather makes it all worthwhile. I used BlaBlaCar—a comfortable and cheap way to travel. Now, let’s get to the good stuff. What to check out while in Seville!

The amazing cathedral, one of the biggest churches in the world!
The amazing cathedral, one of the biggest churches in the world!

Catedral de Sevilla

It’s in fact the largest Gothic temple in the world! It’s insanely intricate details will keep you mesmerized for hours. La Giralda is the name given to the bell tower of the Cathedral. In its time it was the largest tower in the world standing at 97.5 meters high. You can witness very nice views of Seville from here.

Plaza de España

It’s basically a 170 meter diameter hug. Probably the most beautiful plaza I’ve ever visited. It was designed by Seville architect Aníbal González in 1929. Along the plaza is a canal, where you may travel romantically by boat if you wish. From one end of the plaza to the other are banks of tiles that represent the provinces of Spain.

Planning to travel from Valencia to Seville by train? The high-speed train will take you to the capital of Andalucía in less than 4 hours!

Metropol Parasol

Known locally as Las Setas de Sevilla (The Mushrooms). It opened in 2011 and was built by German architect Jürgen Mayor H. Las Setas de Sevilla is the largest wooden structure in the world! It contains a local food market, Museo Antiquarium, as well as a walkway and view point. The walkway begins at 21 meters high and reaches it highest view point at 28.5 meters.

This wonderful palace is now is the seat of the presidency of the Andalusian Autonomous Government
This wonderful palace is now is the seat of the presidency of the Andalusian Autonomous Government

Parque de María Luisa

It is a lovely park! Which features fountains, mini canals and statues. You can even reach 3 museums as well as Plaza de España from this park.

Casa Pilatos

Casa Pilatos is another extraordinary palace to see. It’s a combination of Italian Renaissance styles & Spanish Mudejar styles.

Alameda de Hércules

Alameda de Hércules is a hip bar scene with tons of options. So, definitely grab some drinks in this area.

Torre del Oro

This is a watchtower located on the left bank of the Guadalquivir river. It’s 36 meters tall therefore allows you to enjoy killer views of Seville. It protected the city from invasions.

Sometimes you just have to look up...
Sometimes you just have to look up…

Real Alcázar de Sevilla

It is the oldest royal palace still used in Europe and known as one of the most beautiful. It’s designed beautifully just like every other monument in Seville.

Mercado Lonja del Barranco

This is a gourmet market where you can find tapas. Calle de Mateos Gago is a popular street for tapas as well. Definitely check out the bar El Tremendo it’s a tiny bar where all the locals chug Seville’s coldest beer.

Seville is truly a doorway to the past. Every corner holds so much beauty and detail. It’s no wonder that it was considered the best city to visit in 2018. If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Seville, plan to go soon; La Feria de Abril is right around the corner!

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