7 tips to overcome procrastination


Procrastination is what happens when we needlessly delay starting or finishing tasks up to the point where this causes us discomfort. (Solomon & Rothblum, 1984)

Did you know?

  • Procrastination isn’t the same thing as laziness.

  • It’s a coping strategy.

  • Everyone procrastinates for different reasons, but the most common one is the fear of not being able to do what needs to be done well.

How can we avoid procrastination?

1.Reflect: Ask yourself why you put things off.

2. Change your perspective: How would you eat an enormous piece of cheese? In small pieces.

3. Set objectives. Make a manageable to-do list. When you finish it, reward yourself.

4. Your surroundings matter. Avoid distractions.

5. Focus on what you want to achieve and not on what you want to avoid.

6. Motivation has to come from within. It can’t come from outside. Write why achieving your objectives is important to you – this will help you focus on getting your work done.

7. Take an active part in your classes and interact with your classmates.

You mustn’t lose sight of the power of taking small steps – they can also take you where you want to go. The important thing is to keep moving forward.


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