4 tips to prepare your online examinations

So, now all of a sudden you have to do your exams online and maybe you’re wondering how you can prepare for them. 

Will what you usually do be enough? Or will you have to adapt the way you study and revise? 


1. Understand and relate  

You need to really understand what you’re studying and to be able to relate different pieces of information to each other. It’s easier to answer a question when you know and understand what the relationship is between different concepts, rather than simply memorizing definitions.  

2. Group together and identify  


When studying, look for similar characteristics between different items, enabling you to group together different pieces of information and identify commonalities between them. Many exams contain questions which combine different concepts, so you need to be able to see how they are linked. 

3. What? How? What for? 

Ask yourself questions like “what does that mean?”, “how does it work?”, “why is it important?” and “what connection is there between this and other things?”. This will make it easier to learn and remember the concepts involved, which should mean you feel less stressed during your online examinations as a result.  


4. Make your own questions 

  • When you’re studying, think about what kind of questions you could be asked in an exam about the content you’re looking at. Try to imitate the format of the questions you’ll see in the exam 

Would you like some more advice 

Would you like some more specific tips for each type of exam? 




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