Research Team Engages in Peer Seminar with Prof. Anna Paterek

In the photo, members of the Rule of Law research team with Prof. Anna Paterek.

On April 17, the research team of the Project on Rule of Law in Europe, led by Professor Jean Monnet of UCHCEU, Susana Sanz Caballero, had the privilege of meeting with the distinguished Professor Anna Paterek from Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University for a peer seminar. Under the theme “Poland after local and parliamentary elections: further polarization of the political scene,” Professor Paterek shed light on legislative and political developments in Poland, reviewing the country’s recent political history and narrating the legislative battles within.

One focal point of the discussion was the wave of legislative changes driven by the Morawiecki government of the Law and Justice Party (PiS). Professor Paterek provided a detailed insight into how these measures have eroded democratic institutions and undermined fundamental principles of the Rule of Law in Poland. From controversial judicial reforms to media manipulation and control, to the weakening of checks and balances, the legal and political landscape of the country has undergone significant transformation, with profound implications for democratic stability.

Nevertheless, Prof. Paterek also highlighted efforts by the new government coalition, led by Donald Tusk, to counter these attacks on the Rule of Law. Professor Paterek outlined strategic movements and policies at play, emphasizing the urgency of restoring institutional integrity and strengthening confidence in the democratic system. However, the seminar also discussed the legal and institutional challenges facing the Tusk government in achieving these changes.

Additionally, the seminar explored the growing social and media polarization engulfing Poland. This phenomenon, fueled by deep political divisions, has created an atmosphere of distrust and confrontation, challenging social cohesion and the capacity for constructive dialogue. Professor Paterek analyzed the roots of this polarization and its potential future implications.

In summary, the peer seminar with Professor Anna Paterek was an invaluable opportunity to reflect on the complex political and legal situation in Poland. Team members contributed their knowledge of international political and legal realities in Europe, America, and international organizations.


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