Yet another fantastic and full-of-fun weekend for international students!


Studying is a big part of going abroad, but so does enjoying life. The weekend is the time we expect the most from after five hard-working days. Therefore, there are many activities you can do to reduce the pressure or to increase your motivation for the following week. It is true that not having your family and friends here can give you the feeling of being lonely, but there you have a good reason to find your new squad. No matter if you are going on a solo trip or trying to know new people, international students in CEU know how to enjoy a wonderful weekend!

Travelling solo: only one way, on the return you will find company

‘As an Erasmus+ student in a new country, whenever you have free time you want to make the best of it’ – says Lina Lauruvėnaitė from Lithuania.

Lina and her friend
Lina and her friend

Last Sunday she went on a one-day trip to the beautiful city of Alicante, organized by Happy Erasmus, which means that there were many Erasmus+ students from other universities as well. After a couple of hours travelling through green landscapes and mountains, they reached the city. First, they visited the famous castle of Santa Barbara and were amazed by the view – an endless sea in front of your eyes. Later they went to a local bar to have a beer and some tapas. A foreigner can quickly fall in love with the atmosphere where the people are relaxed, enjoying their days and spending time with their friends and family. And also, we never forget the warm Mediterranean sea, during the day, everyone comes to spend some time on the beach.

Pharmacy and Nursing students – we can hang out together!

Due to the similarity in subjects, the first year of Pharmacy and Nursing are placed in one class and I think it’s great to have more buddies than I first expected. We come from many countries: Russia, Sweden, Norway, Algeria, Morocco, Vietnam and the US. So we arranged a picnic afternoon at the Turia park on Saturday, and when the sun went down, we walked to a pub in El Carmen zone.


It was a great opportunity to get to know better our classmates, to share our hobbies…and to play board games at the same time.

So, how do you spend your weekends while studying at CEU Valencia?


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