Sunset in La Albufera, a gourmet corner for instagramers


Like every year by this time of the year, the nature changes its color spectrum. The light is different and so is everything that it illuminates. This is a good time to take pictures. The color palette of our photos is transformed. The images are warmer, more peaceful and the contrast increase to enrich our captures, especially when it comes to landscapes.

This fall will last exactly 89 days and 20 hours. Photographing one of the best sunsets in our entire community will only take you a couple of hours. Do you want to know where that gourmet corner for instagramers is? If taking good pictures is your thing, this post will take you there and explain you, why you cannot miss an opportunity like that.

The place we talk about is just over half an hour from Valencia. La Albufera is one of the largest lakes in Spain, an ecological area protected because of its diversity of flora and fauna. Almost anywhere in this Natural Park can be found a place that is worth to be photographed. However there is one that stands out in a special way: the pier located just beyond the Gola de Puchol, which is one of the channels that connects the lake with the sea.

From this spot you can admire one of the best sunsets every day. It is a must stop for many photography lovers, but also for visitors who want to bid farewell to the day in a different way, whether they are couple of lovers, families or loners looking for a place to relax and disconnect.

The east orientation of our Community makes it very difficult to see a sunset in which the sun melts in the water until blended together. In our territory, this effect is only achieved in the wharf of La Albufera.

If you go by car you can leave from Valencia by the motorway of Saler direction La Devesa. Then continue towards El Palmar / El Perellonet. After taking this exit, in about 1,000 meters, you will find a small parking. You will have arrived. After, you just have to look for your spot, check the framing and wait for the sun and the light to do the rest.

There is also a public transport. A regular line goes from Valencia to La Albufera. You can go from the center of Valencia – Calle Colón – to the wharf by bus. In fact, a good way to identify the wharf is to look for the bus stop right over there.


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