A tasty way to learn about Spanish culture


The 2nd edition of Cooking Lovers was held this last saturday at the Faculty of Gastronomy in Castellón. Students could choose between two different workshops given by a professional chef: valencian paella or tapas and pinchos (appetizers skewers).

More than professional cooking skills, Cooking Lovers is a tasty way to get to know better the Spanish culture by learning how to master the art of its typical dishes.

A bus was booked for the occasion so many students from different nationality could participate in this cooking event in Castellón La Plana. Everyone was excited about the idea of knowing more about Spanish food and especially how to make it.

After one hour’s drive, we arrived at the beautiful and stunning Campus. Everything was set for us, ingredients, utensils, tables and even aprons for each one of us.

Different groups were made to make 4 types of dishes: Paella Valenciana, patatas bravas, morcilla rolls and mussels vinaigrette.

During 2 hours of laughs and talks following the instructions of the Chef, everything was finally ready to eat lunch in the main hall of the building.

We started with the valencian paella followed by the 3 different tapas. Everything was delicious.
We all enjoyed the experience and were happy with our new cooking skills.

With that, wrapping up a great day filled with fun and frolic, we came back to Moncada looking forward to the next Campus Life trips.


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