Tackle your project the right way


When it comes to creating a project everyone has a different method on how they get around to it. Whatever it is, it usually works. The most important part is having fun while doing it. Many people have similar methods that they go about but in the end the results are similar. Different subjects would require a different way to tackle assignments but these few tips could be helpful for everyone, even though they focus more on design oriented subjects.


When ideas come up it’s always good to try and sketch them out. You don’t have to be as good of an artist as Picasso, but if the main idea can be expressed with a pen and a few lines then it will help a lot to try and create some doodles. Keeping a small notebook and pen in your pocket when moving around because you never know when the next great idea will pop in your head.

Talk to People

There are people all around us with different opinions on everything. Getting an outside take on your idea can be really helpful. They can easily add details that improve your work or solve a problem you’ve been struggling with for a while. Even if their input isn’t what you were looking for or comes across as negative, what you do with it could, still be helpful to your project. Your circle should not be limited , ask friends, family, professors, peers or even a random guy on the street. See what they have to offer because you get to learn something new from an unexpected place or person.


Time Management

Procrastination is easy to fall into. Leaving things to the last minute because you’re “older and wiser” or “too busy at the time” will make it harder to finish your task. Giving yourself a good amount of time to work on everything before the due date will allow you to work at a good pace and avoid mistakes. With this in mind, splitting up the work and allocating time for each section also makes it easier to keep track of your work and timeline.


I’ve always believed that music helps open up our minds and I always try to listen to something while working. Music also help’s space out all the outside noise keeping 100% of your focus on the assignment. Different types of music affect us in different ways and produce different forms of creativity so listening to slow classical music or listening to an upbeat party mix can bring about two completely different approaches to your project, either one being equally as good as the other.


Take your time

Never be afraid to take your time. The next big idea could come the day you’re given the assignment or the night before it’s due. A lot of people tend to rush into the quickest thing they think of and work with that, which leaves the rest of us panicking because we’re still sitting there with a blank sheet of paper. But with time, and a good amount of brainstorming, the idea forms itself. If nothing seems to come about, the best thing to do is distract ourselves with something else and while we’re out and about doing something else something great can suddenly pop up. Though it can be demoralizing to not be able to have that light-bulb idea early, it’s always good to stay hopeful and keep an open mind.

These tips along with a positive attitude and hard work can always bring about the best in you. Positivity is a major key with this process because no matter what happens, it never hurts to have fun doing what you love.


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