Day Tripping around Valencia

Peñon de Ifach, views from above are so surreal
Peñon de Ifach, views from above are so surreal

The greatest advantage of living in Europe is how easily accessible other countries and cities are to each other. Here in Spain, we have so many fantastic cities nearby to visit, so why not take a day trip over the weekend? Treat yourself after a long week of classes. Below you will find a few of my favorite day trip destinations thus far, and they are all easily accessed from Valencia by car or bus.

Montanejos is definitely a hidden gem worth visiting
Montanejos is definitely a hidden gem worth visiting 

Montanejos, Spain

Its known for its crystal-clear hot springs. You can easily arrive to Montanejos from Valencia within an hour & a half if not less. Meaning its perfect for a day trip! Montanejos is a small community located a bit north from Valencia. It offers several outdoor experiences as well as beautiful scenery. Once you arrive you have two options to reach the hot springs, you can either hike your way down through the mountains or simply take the stairs and enjoy your swim!



Calpe, Spain

Peñon de Ifach, views from above are so surreal
Peñon de Ifach, views from above are so surreal

Calpe is a beautiful town within Spain’s Mediterranean coast. Its known for its Roman ruins/baths, incredible beaches, and of course Peñon de Ifach which is where I decided to visit for a worthy hike and a picnic with a view. Throughout the hike you can see the different shades of blue water and so many birds! Once you make it to the top you’re able to see a panoramic view of the cities buildings and infinite ocean. Its honestly so surreal.

Alicante, Spain

What I love most about Alicante (apart from its beaches of course) are all of the narrow colorful streets! Located in Alicante is the Castle of Santa Bárbara which is the most visited monument. It holds a lot of fascinating history and reveals astonishing views. Tabarca Island is a small inhabited island located on the opposite side of Alicante and can be reached via boat from Alicante’s Marina. It’s definitely a wonderful spot for a day trip. On the island you can find restaurants, water activities, areas for exploring, and clear blue waters.

You should definitely take advantage of the fact that you’re now living in Spain! Get out and explore all of the beauty it has to offer. Try new foods, meet new people, and have fun! As important as studies are, it’s also important to give yourself a break and make new discoveries.


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