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Last Thursday, November 30, we shared a very cool activity with a group of students from Peru. As usual with the students of 1st year, they start a new adventure in the university that does not only mean learning new knowledge, meeting different people or changing their place of residence. For many, it means learning to manage money, to make a purchase, having their house cleaned and cooking. Yes, you have to cook! And since we, the University, want to promote healthy lifestyles, we wanted to help a group of students with all this, being part of the initiatives of CEU Shh (Students’ Healthy Habits).

We agreed to make the purchase together at the supermarket. We take this opportunity to explain some tricks so that the products go a little cheaper, which always comes in handy.

Afterwards, one of the students invited us to cook at home. Together we make 3 simple, economical and healthy recipes. First of all we had cream of zucchini, which already seems right with the arrival of the cold. Afterwards, we made a quinoa salad with tuna, avocado, tomato and egg. The surprise was that we learned from the students that quinoa (a word that comes from the Quechua language), a superfood that is very fashionable in Spain and has a lot of nutrients, comes from Peru! They even have the image of this seed on the flag of their country. We had no idea, what a coincidence! Finally, we prepare a simple baked chicken with apple, recipe so easy that is practically done by itself.

This is the result of our work :

Zucchinni soup
Quinoa salad
Baked chicken

Do not think that we did things without order or coherence. To organize this menu and give nutritional advice, we previously consulted several students of the Nutrition degree of our University. In fact, we asked that they provide us with a model type of weekly menu that was nutritionally complete and simple to elaborate. Thanks to the work provided to us by the students Pablo Martínez and Javier Villar (1st Grade Nutrition) we were able to give Peruvian students this menu, so that, from now on, they can guide their weekly purchase.

During the meal, we shared this moment to encourage them to try new recipes and we also gave them advice on how to preserve food (you can not live today without the magnificent “tuppers”). We know that it is difficult to study, to do jobs, to have the house fixed and to have to cook in addition every day, so we talk about the cooked dishes that can be frozen for another day, or how long the food lasts in the fridge.

To conclude, we hope that this activity will help them in their integration in their new life as university students. After all, they are things that make life easier … and healthier!

If you want to be next, do you invite us to your house ?

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