We now have a BAND at the university and anyone can join it!


CEU BAND was created at the begining of this academic year by students of CEU UCH with the support of professor Juan Raúl Cruz and Campus life office. They meet every Wednesday afternoon at 7pm and Friday at 12 m, depending on their class hours.

The idea of the activity is to play music sessions, sharing their musical skills with othe University students. They can this way get to know people sharing the same passion : music.

Students from different degrees of our university are now enjoying their time recording covers. They are adding their own touch and style, which makes these music sessions really enjoyable and special.

The activity is well supervised by the professor of Audiovisual communication Raul Cruz, who assists students and helps with everything needed including any technical problem.

Some members record sometimes parts of their covers and share them with the rest on their Facebook page : CEU MUSICA ( do not hesitate to like it )

The good news is that any student of the university can join the band, no prerequisites needed. Students are there to learn and help each others. Honestly, just attending these chilled music sessions can be a great break ! You will not regret it.



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