Mr. Ochi visits our university


On Tuesday, February 21, we received Gene Ochi at our university. Mr. Ochi has a clear vision about internationalization and customer orientation processes, and he currently holds the position of senior manager at Trend Point, a leading American IT company. In addition, he has been a member of the International Advisory Board since its foundation and knows the situation our university is in very well. His presence here and his willingness to work with us brought about a great opportunity to get to know the opinion of an experienced professional firsthand. Taking advantage of his visit, the Vice-Rectorate of Students and University Life organized a meeting with him at the Hub 101, with the aim of sharing concerns and experiences in the context of an international university and listening to his vision on the matter.

The meeting also helped to exchange views among the staff of the different departments of the Vice-Rectorate.

The topics covered included the challenges we face and the objectives we share in language teaching, such as:

  • To understand the reasons why many students prioritize other subjects over languages.
  • To identify the needs of each student in order to offer adapted and personalized teaching.
  • To know how to transmit to students the importance of languages in a globalized world, at all levels: professionally, culturally and socially.
  • To select the right communicative tools when addressing students.
  • To assist in the process of adaptation of international students and to achieve a quick but natural integration with the rest of the student body.
  • To create a common space for all students, regardless of their nationality.

Mr. Ochi’s external perspective brought new ideas to our day-to-day activities. As a result of his proximity to the institution he is well aware of our objectives and necessities. We thank Gene for his professionalism and his kindness to the whole team.


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