Living fallas On Fire for the first time


Last Sunday, I gathered with a group of 20 students of different nationalities to discover Las Fallas thanks to Campus Life On Fire’s program. Here are the 3 things I liked the most about that day:

Programa ON FIRE 2018: Visita Museo Fallero + Paella Na Jordana 1. I discovered what is the real meaning of the Fallas at the Fallero´s Museum

The day began with a visit of the Fallero ‘s museum where a tourist guide explained us the historical and cultural wealth of this specific event in Valencia. Fallas are actually monuments made up of ninots (caricature pieces) created by local artists and craftspeople that provides a commentary on current social issues. On the last day of the celebration, Fallas are rittualy burned in a spirit of rejuvenation. It’s a way to welcome the spring.
We were all very amazed to see all this “Ninots” which are the famous sculptures made of papier-mâché of Fallas. It was so beautiful!

Programa ON FIRE 2018: Visita Museo Fallero + Paella Na Jordana2. I learned what is paella really about

Later on we went to Na Jordana, which is one of the most famous Fallas association of Special section. On our way between the museum and the neighborhood of Na Jordana we had the opportunity to see some fallas under construction. We were so happy to arrive to Na Jordana where we learnt how to cook a delicious paella valenciana.
As you can see in the pictures, we had fun and this activity allowed us to know each other better“Paella is not just about rice, beans, rabbit and chicken but about gathering the people of the Falla around the fire and enjoy the simple fact of being together.”

Programa ON FIRE 2018: Visita Museo Fallero + Paella Na Jordana3. 4 continents united around the same paella


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