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The “WASB” which means World Ambassadors Students Board is a consultative organism of the University CEU Cardenal Herrera.This project emphasizes once again the international character of the CEU and the fact that students integration is its main goal. From February to December 2018, selected students from all corners of the planet will be ambassadors and represent a region of the world. We have met them to get to know them a little bit more and introduce them to all the students. This way, if you need to contact any of them, you know who the ambassadors are.

We asked them about their studies, their hobbies, their opinion about Valencia and also about their role as ambassadors.
Do not hesitate to contact them to share your suggestions!


Linh Ta Phuang from Vietnam

Linh Ta Phuang

“I am studying Pharmacy in the second year and, parallel to my studies, I am an assistant in the CEU Language Service. I heard about UCHCEU university when I was looking for health degrees in English. Then, the university helped me a lot in getting the papers and the NIE. I think Valencia is an accessible city for Asian students because lifestyle and food are very similar to our culture. The fact that I speak Spanish and English helps me to connect with national and international students. I think it may be easier to give advice to other students than teachers. ”

Contact: [email protected]

Liu Rosier

Liu Rosier from Reunion Island

“I decided to come to Spain because I have a friend who was in 1st year of Veterinary at that time and he recommended me highly CEU. The hospital, the farm and the fact that we start practices from the beginning of the course attracted me a lot. The Spanish Summer Course helped me a lot to integrate. I learnt a lot about the city. Valencia is a young, growing and bustling city which offers many activities, places to go out by night and practice sport, as well as a beautiful historical city center. As an ambassador, I would like to gather all students’ requests, ideas and work with the University to find a way to solve their issues and carry out something new. I hope I could satisfy their needs, make them happy and proud of what the University offers us and do everything possible to make them feel fully integrated ! “

Contact: [email protected]

Sophie Claire Baldwin from United Kingdom

Sophie Claire Baldwin says: “I love visiting other countries and experiencing other cultures. I think it’s a good way to meet new and interesting people

“”I am from Birmingham (United Kingdom) and I am currently in the fifth year of Medicine. I actually came to Valencia on a bit of a whim. I found out the opportunity to study at this university while looking to study abroad, and within a couple of weeks I did an interview, an exam and I was accepted! At first I felt that everything was difficult because I did not speak Spanish. However, thanks to the professors and students, I knew that if I needed any help I have people to turn to. As an ambassador, I would like to help in the development of a network for students. Over the past 4 years, I’ve definitely noticed a huge increase in the social life of the campus. Consequently, I am hoping to be able to move forward and come up with some creative ideas to connect and unit all the students with each others. ”

Contact: [email protected]


Isabel Beuret from Switzerland

Isabel BeuretThis summer I had the opportunity to travel to Thailand where I worked with elephants in a sanctuary. Currently, I am preparing my next trip this summer to Congo to take care of chimpanzees.”

“I’m from Switzerland and I came here to the Cardenal Herrera University to study Veterinary Medicine. I’m now on my 4th year. I decided to come to Spain because I wanted to live an adventure. It is not difficult to get used to the spanish lifestyle. People are very nice and helpful. Furthermore, Valencia is a very powerful and cosmopolitan city thanks to its culture and traditions. As an ambassador, my role is mainly to pay attention to the needs of international students. For me, it is important to focus on two things: to make the university known in my country and my country known in this university. ”

Contact: [email protected]

Roubana Ashraf Mohamed Sayed from Egypt

Roubana Ashraf Mohamed Sayed told us: “I got accepted in 3 different schools across Europe but Spain definitely made it on top of my list thanks to the language, the weather and the atmosphere in general.”

“I’m from Cairo, Egypt, but I grew up in the US, so I’m little bit of both. I study Architecture in ESET. I like cycling and language classes as I’m trying to improve my Spanish. Something I enjoy so much is drawing or sketching. The first difficulty for me was the language barrier. The first difficulty was the language barrier. Something as easy as ordering food at a restaurant wasn’t a big deal in my country because I could just speak in Arabic or English, but here I had to know Spanish. I think living here would be easier if I knew local people. In fact, when I have a problem I must find a way to overcome it but in general Valencia has everything anyone needs. As an ambassador, I am looking forward to   creating and contributing things to the community in which I belong.

Contact: [email protected]


Juan Andrés Sánchez Martínez from Ecuador

Juan Andrés Sánchez Martínez  “I came to Spain because I wanted to have new opportunities and a more open mind. I decided to study in CEU because here there is an international environment that I like and a good level of studies“he told us.

“I’m from Cuenca in Ecuador, a city registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO located in the south of the country in a mountainous area at 2500 meters altitude. I am in the third year of Political and International Relations Sciences. Currently, I am part of the Erasmus + program in Moscow at the Russian University of Friendship of the Peoples. Some of my favorite hobbies are reading, playing the piano, riding and traveling. During my first days in Valencia I was completely lost, I did not know where to find accomodation or how to use public transport. However, all the staff of the university helped me a lot. My expectations as an ambassador are, in the first place, helping my fellow citizens, trying to gather them more and after that, share ideas or time with people from other countries.

Contact: [email protected]

Selena Paloma Lovana Ruiz from Switzerland

Selena Paloma Lovana Ruiz from Switzerland says: “I’m a student of Public Relations and Public Relations, I love communication. My biggest dream? Be a presenter

“I was born in Switzerland and spent the first 11 years of my life in Geneva. From a Spanish mother and an Italian father, I have lived my whole life surrounded by many languages. I like spending times with my friends, meeting new people, traveling and dancing. I also like to play with my dogs in Valencian beaches. Actually, Valencia is a perfect place to live thanks to its good weather and its wonderful architecture. I think that Spanish students are afraid to meet international students because of the language barrier even if it is a great opportunity to connect with new people. I want to be a student ambassador because I know the difficulty of leaving your home country. I would have prefered there was more unity among students.That’s why we can organize funny activities and learn a lot from each other’s”

Contact: [email protected]

Francisco Octavio Jarrín Subia from Ecuador

Francisco Octavio Jarrín SubiaI would like to contribute with my experience as an international student and help students in college and abroad

“I’m from Ecuador and I’m studying architecture in CEU. I started my career in Ecuador and then transfered to CEU. I like playing tennis and soccer, travelling, and also listening to music. Valencia is a really nice city that offers many opportunities for international students. The size of the city is perfect and it is easy to move around. I really like the international environment of the university and I want to meet people from other countries and other courses. Last year I helped at the International Relations office and later at the Architecture school as the international intern. ”

Contact: [email protected]

Thanks to each one of you.

Now, all of you to your keyboards to send proposals / suggestions / ideas to our ambassadors who are waiting for you!


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