International student: ready for a 24h immersion in the Spanish culture?


With more than 1000 international students already on campus and almost 500 newcomers starting their degree with us every year, we have developed a certain expertise in dealing with culture shock.

Although we do have a large community of Latin American students who speak Spanish (¡hola!), the vast majority of our students come from countries as afar afield as Qatar, Canada, Finland, Dubai or even Taiwan. This means to them adapting to a very unique (and sometimes different to understand) culture and in some cases learning a new language which by the way is not as easy as you might think!

But you needn’t worry about it because, if you decide to come study your degree with us, you will find a wide range of integration activities designed to make you understand and love the Spanish way of living, with its pros and cons…

…some stereotypes about Spanish people which are not true!

…some stereotypes about Spanish people which are true!

This is the reason why our Language Service organizes every summer an Intensive Spanish Course for those international students who want to learn more about our culture and language before starting the new Academic Year: differences in manners, beliefs, values, traditions, art, religion, social organization, behavior…none of these will be a secret for them anymore!


A total number of 95 students (80 in Valencia and 15 in Elche) have taken part in this immersion experience this year from July 27 to August 21 2015. Among the activities, 5 hours of Spanish lessons every day to ensure the basic language skills and a wide range of cultural games such as:

-Treasure hunt / cultural quiz in the historic centre of Valencia

-Visit to the Health Centre in Moncada

-A day on the Malvarrosa beach

-International and Spanish cooking lesson

-Football and swimming pool

-Bike tour in Valencia

-Spanish cinema

Professors from our Language Service Dani, Ana, Aina and María in Valencia and Maira in Elche have made it possible, a big bravo to them and to all those students who have participated in this fun programme…you are now a little bit more Spanish!

Visit our flickr gallery to see all the pictures!


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