Inspire, expire, and relax


Our yoga classes inside the audiovisual building (plato 2) have begun with a lot of success this semester. Every Wednesday, we are going to take a break during the week with the objective to having greater focus on ourselves and forget the stress and tension built up days after days. In the yoga room there is an ambience very special and relaxing, Spanish students as well as international students form the group. But not everything is just resting time. Yoga is a discipline that will build strength, equilibrium, posture and the correct breathing. It is not as simple as that. In a few time the yoga Asanas won’t have secrets for us and we will feel the effects on our mental and body.

Healthy mind in a healthy body without performance target but only with the goal of improve our self and our life quality and of course always with the idea of relaxation. We are already 20 students enjoying this Campus Life activity!

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