My first experience using the Campus Life platform on the Intranet


My name is Mathilde, I am French and I study veterinary in French. This weekend I organized an event with the new Campus Life tool from the Intranet and I loved the experience. Here I tell you the 3 reasons why:

1. It helps me a lot to break the language barrier

Being able to create and participate in activities organized by ourselves, the students, helps me a lot to break the language barrier and to meet other students to practice my spanish or my english. It is not always easy for me to get to know them in my daily life at University.

2. It was very easy. I checked out the “Around town” section and in just one click I created my event to go with other students.

On March 4th, the International Women’s Day in Valencia was celebrated in a very sporting way with a 10k women’s race. I did not know about it, I found out through the Campus Life platform on the intranet, in the section: “Around Town”. I clicked on the event that interested me and decided it was a good idea to participate. I created my own event from it and on the next day I saw that more students had already signed up to participate with me. The result has been exceptional. Not only have I participated in an interesting initiative, but I have practiced sports and the best, I have met people from my University that I did not know.

It was so easy. The meeting point was the Alameda metro stop at 8:30 am, where the CEU students met and we later joined more than 2,000 women at the starting line. The race was not so easy, but do you know the best thing about it? If it hadn’t been for my mates, I could not have ended the race.

3. It is not just about inviting you for a run, to visit a beautiful site or to attend an event …

It’s about collaboration and doing things together. Campus Life gives us a magnificent tool to meet new people, to discover that we have common interests and to make possible what we think we can not achieve alone.

As a student, I invite you to try the experience. Organize or participate in any activity already proposed and I’m sure you will be surprised.

And finally, as Campus Life says… Enjoy your difference.

If you want more information, contact: [email protected]



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