Metrovalencia – The perfect way to travel to and from University CEU Cardenal Herrera

Our university supports public transportation and therefore encourages students and staff members to use the public transport network to reach our campus in Moncada / Alfara del Patriarca. Metrovalencia, the metro network of the metropolitan area of Valencia, allows you to reach our university directly from the city centre with a stop right outside one of our main buildings. It is the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways to come to the uni, we tell you how!


How to reach the university from Valencia

Getting to the university could not be easier: just take line 1 (the yellow one) in direction Bétera or Seminari-CEU and hop off at Seminari-CEU station. On the platform you will find informative panels indicating where the different buildings are located, although we encourage you to take a look at our virtual visit to get an idea of how to reach your campus (if you are an international student, note that the International Student Services desk is located in Luis Campos Górriz building!).

Of course, you will need to buy a ticket in order to use the metro, so make sure that you buy a valid ticket for the right zone, being the AB zone the one corresponding to our university. A single ticket will cost you 2,10€ and a return ticket 4€, and you will need to buy a contactless card that can be recharged afterwards. The cheapest option is the cardboard card, which will only cost you 1€.

You will find ticket machines in almost every metro station as well as Customer Information Points in the following stations, where trained staff will help you in case you need more information.


Getting to the university from the centre of Valencia will only take you around 20 minutes, but please note that schedules may vary seasonally, so remember to visit regularly metrovalencia‘s website for further information!

Should you need further information on lines or rates, please proceed to Seminari-CEU metro station or one of the Customer Information Points in the network.


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