Cooking Lovers


On the morning of April 30th, students of CEU Cardenal Herrera gathered in front of one of the school buildings in anticipation of a trip organized with the intent of getting them to experience Valencian culture. Already, students were starting to meet each other, discussing their experience in Spain. At 10 am, they were picked up by the bus, beginning the trip to the CEU gastronomy campus in Castellón de la Plana, 1 hour to the north. Once there, we were all stunned by the beautiful campus and the amazing facilities. Entering the giant warehouse-like building, we saw that the tables were already set for our lunch, the only thing left to do was to cook the food!
We put on the provided cooking aprons, excited for what was to come. The chefs came and some students decided to learn how to make paella in another room, whereas the rest stayed in the front kitchens for tapas lessons. Each chef took a group of students and started instructing them how to make one of the dishes. Three dishes were made: seafood-based crepes, delicate light pastries, and fried balls of mashed potatoes filled with jamón and quail egg.
At last, everything was ready and the food was carried out to the tables. First for lunch: the tasty Valencian paella. The meal was supplemented with the 3 types of tapas, with enough made for everyone to try. Lastly, the surprise at the end was the incredible dessert that the chefs had made for us. Berry syrup and cream were balanced with a chewy chocolate and coffee-flavored topping. This mixture of flavors delighted everyone. After a few cups of coffee and many thank you’s with the chefs, we finally left the campus feeling quite full from our meal, content with our new cooking skills, and grateful for the experience. I’m sure everyone will come again next year.


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