4 reasons why Spain is your perfect destination


Why do we think Spain is THE place for an international studying experience? Here you have our top four reasons (to name just a few!):



The Spanish language, just as Portuguese, French, Italian or Romanian is an evolution of vulgar Latin, the language spoken and written by the Romans.

The Royal Spanish Academy or Real Academia Española (RAE) is an institution created in the 18th Century whose aim is to protect and promote our language throughout the world, as well as to create norms and regulations in the use of the Spanish language. On their webpage you will find several tools for you to use and enrich your knowledge of Spanish and an online shop where you can buy dictionaries, facsimiles and other gifts.

Struggling with our verb conjugation, grammar or even our accent? Don’t worry because according to several experts, Spanish is not among the most difficult languages to learn! And even if your native language is not close to ours, some courses and a a couple of easy tips should do the trick.

Spanish truly is a beautiful language that we encourage you to learn. Really, 550 million people in 21 countries cannot be mistaken! And to make things easier, look for an academy or the Languages Service at our university, as they offer a great range of courses and activities for Spanish learners.

2 – The PEOPLE

Spanish people are very nice and kind. More amazingly, they won’t care much about what you do or where you come from. They are caring and friendly to anyone and everyone. Spanish people are so passionate about their culture and beliefs and respect every other. They are also very understanding and as well helpful very much to those who come all the way from other countries to study in Spain. Don’t worry if you cannot speak perfect Spanish and don’t be surprised if they don’t speak any English, the language barrier is never a problem when you have the right attitude!

3 – The FOOD

WHAT CAN WE SAY, everything is just so amazing!

You have the all the tapas, the paellas, the tortillas, the fish, the carne (meat) and lets not forget the turrón, an amazingly sweet delight that is normally eaten in Christmas. Name it and it’s here. In Spain, there are many markets that you can come across. You will find various foods of good quality and at a reasonable price. And if you are ever missing home, there are dozens of international restaurants all over Spain… American Food, Chinese, Japanese, Moroccan, Syrian, Turkish… Seriously it’s all here, and it’s all good.

4 – The SUN

Can a place really have the perfect weather? Well in Spain…it IS superb! It’s perfect because you won’t ever get too tired of the sun nor too tired of the cold. In Spain, you get the ideal balance of both. You will get a good amount of time for tanning during the summer, and a good number of nights for drinking some hot chocolate by the fire during winter.



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