A Taste of Christmas in Spain?


International students at CEU -UCH were able to get to know the traditions and tastes of Spanish Christmas products at a ceremony held in the city centre of Valencia


CEU- UCH´s Vicerector of Students and University Extension and the Vicerector of Research and International Relations organised an activity to present Spanish Christmas traditions to international students at the university: the traditional nativity cribs that show Christmas scenes and the typical sweets belonging to this holiday in Spain, like mazapanes, polvorones and turron.

The students knew the origin and meaning of the traditional Christmas Crib, and they visited the one currently displayed at the Cathedral in Valencia. They also had the chance to taste the most traditional Spanish delights at a unique scene: the Palacio de Colomina, Cultural and Social venue of the CEU-UCH.


It was a unique and fun evening to get to know the Spanish traditions that can be enjoyed this time of year in Spain.

If you stay in Valencia over the Christmas holidays, read more ideas about what to do.

Merry Christmas to all!!!




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