30 things about Spain that you probably didn’t know or imagine


It’s always fun to learn a few nice, interesting, and random facts. Facts are actually a pretty cool way to start up a conversation and break the ice. When you think of Spain, I’m sure you probably instantly think of paella, Flamenco dancing, sangría, or bullfighting. Yes, those are all very typical in Spain but of course there’s a lot more to Spain than just that. Below you have 30 things about Spain that you probably didn’t know or imagine.


  1. In Spain, everyone is greeted with double the love: a kiss on each cheek.
  2. Siestas in Spain are absolutely no joke! Don’t even think about eating out between the hours of 14-17.
  3. Spain is home to the world’s largest food (tomato) fight: La Tomatina.
  4. Red wine in Spain is the best wine. I’m talking about taste & price.
  5. Paella is a typical Valencia dish and the true paella contains rabbit, chicken, snails & not seafood.
  6. There are more festivals in Spain than there are days in the year. It’s a celebration year-round!
  7. Did ya know that you can actually zip line your way from Spain to Portugal?!
  8. Barcelona holds some of Gaudi’s famous architecture done in history.
  9. La Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona has been under construction for over 130 years!
  10. No one in Spain eats toast with butter or jam. Tostada de tomate is the way to go.
  11. Out of all of the countries in Europe, Spain has the most bars.
  12. Leaving a tip after a meal/drink in Spain is not compulsory but of course it’d be nice if you did.
  13. The largest and best ranked aquarium in Europe is located in Valencia.
  14. More than 5 languages are spoken throughout Spain.
  15. Spain is in the list of the top 10 most environmental friendly countries in the world!
  16. Hot chocolate in Spain is extra thick & extra delicious! Not your typical liquid-like hot chocolate.
  17. Coming from someone who was born & raised in Florida. Valencia’s oranges are much sweeter and overall better than Florida oranges.
  18. Spain is known to be the 2nd largest country in the European Union.
  19. Roughly half of the world’s olive oil is produced right here in Spain.
  20. When in Spain, you have dinner at 22:00, party at 2:00, and sleep at 7:00.
  21. You can actually have a beer served with your meal at any fast food chain. Can’t do that in the states!
  22. Tourists outnumber locals in Spain, being that it is the 3rd most visited country in the world.
  23. Street cleaners are a thing in Spain and its adorable. Sidewalks literally get swept & mopped every night.
  24. 1 out of every 6 top beaches in the world are located in Spain. It’s known for its blue waters and cleanliness beaches.
  25. This may be an obvious one for us now but, in the month of March it may seem as if Valencia is under attack with bombs but no worries its just fireworks.
  26. Every year Tarragona celebrates a tradition called “Castells”. It pertains to people/teams creating human towers.
  27. Guess which country was the first to use wind power as their greatest source of energy? Spain indeed.
  28. Children in Spain don’t believe in the tooth fairy. Instead they believe in a mouse named Ratoncito Pérez.
  29. The oldest restaurant in the world (Restaurante Botín) is located in Madrid.
  30. Tibidabo is an amusement park located on a mountain in Barcelona. Definitely check it out!


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