Tándem – a fun way to learn languages


Our first tándem meeting of the 2018/2019 school year will take place next Tuesday. This is an initiative undertaken by the Languages Service to promote languages and cultural exchange among our students. Indeed, CEU UCH seems the perfect place for this, since it hosts students from over 70 different countries. Many of the future meetings will be held in cafés and bars in Valencia, Moncada or Alfara, so that students will have the opportunity to meet in other contexts. The gathering will be on Tuesday, October 2nd at 4:30 pm at the HUB, Humanidades building.

During the talk, some games will be played, the tándem procedure will be explained, and some guidelines and recommendations will be given for future encounters. Maria, one of the students who participated in the activity last year, shared her experience with us:

It is certainly a great opportunity, because not only do you get to practise languages, but you also get to know other cultures first hand.

That is precisely what the aim of this new concept of “tándem” is: to provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to facilitate the language exchange – these are the very characteristics of the HUB101, which is why it was chosen for this purpose.


Come and join the meeting! If you cannot make it next Tuesday but want to participate or to know more about the tándem, send an email to idiomas@uchceu.es, or click “Like” on our Facebook page, The HUB 101, to receive information about all tándem meetings, and other events.


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