Take your advantage and learn Chinese!


In our last article, we have introduced you to our new Chinese teacher. This time, we want you to know more about her and we hope she will motivate you into learning Chinese.

Can you introduce about yourself to the readers? How did you end up here in Valencia?

Hello everyone, my Chinese name is 王珊珊, but you can call me Shanshan. I am 25 years old. I was studying the bachelor degree for teaching Chinese as the 2nd language at Liaoning University and Chinese linguistic for my Master degree at Beijing University.

I applied for this opportunity to become a teacher outside my country through the Institute of Cervantes in China and I chose Spain to be my next destination.

What do you expect to experience as a foreigner? What impressed you about Spain?

This is not my first time living abroad, actually. I have done an exchange at Leiden University, the Netherland, and I enjoyed very much the European lifestyle. Therefore, I expect the weather to be really sunny, and in fact, this is the warmest autumn I have ever experienced. In my hometown, there is no coast, so I like watching the sunset at the beach as well. Last but not least, Paella!!!

I have been here for only 3 weeks, but the thing that impressed me is that people from different provinces want to keep their dialects (Catalan, Valenciano, Euskera).

This is the 3rd year that we offer Chinese in our university. What is your strategy to attract more students to learn your mother tongue?

Chinese is not a compulsory language compared to English and Spanish so I would organize more workshops sessions so students will know more about Chinese cultures, such as the calligraphy, the chopstick games, the gastronomy, and the musical instruments.

If you have to inspire us to come to Chinese class, what would you say?

Chinese is a difficult language, but in order to have a basic level, it is not hard, so come to the free classes. Maybe it will be useful in the future when you travel to my country.

Is there an aspect about culture, gastronomy, the lifestyle of your country that is interesting and you want to share with us?

Hmm. In China, when seating at a table, people often share food, and none of the dishes belong to you; we use bowls instead. For family members and close friends, one person often uses chopsticks to grab food for each other. You may think that it is not very hygienic, but that is the way we do it.


Are you learning Spanish right now? Do you have to achieve any goal for yourself?

I want to at least reach the B1 level in Spanish. I attend classes organized by the university, and I also learn it online. In my opinion, verb conjugations are very complex in Latin languages.

I hope to achieve my goal. How about you? Would you challenge yourself in level A1 Chinese?


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