Cooperate in order to win – Combined classes


Often when we enter in the world of languageswe get bogged down in boring theory.While it’s good to learn the theory, it’s even more important to practice. There are other methods much more interactive and effective than learning by heart.

Think about it, you speak Spanish and you learn English, he speaks English and he is learning Spanish… Why don´t you practice together?

Cooperation is the key to success, if you don’t believe it, ask the English and Spanish students who lived a very productive and didactic experience last Wednesday. Their classes merged and they were able to have fun while they put into action all the  knowledge they had learned in their language lessons.

After an individual presentation, they carried out many practical activities that allowed them to expand vocab and improved oral expression, something essential if we want to prove our skills speaking perfectly in another language. Not to mention the shame, to which they said goodbye baby.

And it doesn’t seem like they had a bad time…

As with the Tandem, what is intended is for students to discover new ways to learn languages, muuuuch cooler and enjoyable than the beloved theoretical lessons… And, what better way than with the support of native speaking students?

The benefits of this kind of activities are many. If you want to know more about it, read the “5 benefits of Tandem” post.

Clearly, it’s a chance you can’t miss.



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