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Sing your heart at home

Many of the songs we listen to these days are real anthems and they transmit a message of optimism that we share with each other at this weird time. In every country, these catchy...

5 reasons to learn and practice languages during this time at home

These are times of change, times to all pull in the same direction, but even if it’s hard to believe, it’s also a time of opportunities.‘What opportunities?’ you may ask. Well, opportunities to spend...
Students had the opportunity to take up the brush and write Chinese characters!

Happy Chinese New Year from CEU Valencia!

Happy New Year! On 19th February took place the International Spring Festival. Students and teachers alike came to CEU Valencia’s Hub to celebrate the year of the pig and discover Chinese culture. Among workshops, Chinese...

A walk through the gastronomy of Elche

In addition to its great cultural wealth, Elche offers excellent cuisine, which uses the wide variety of products offered by the area. A rich vegetable garden and the proximity of the coast mark the...

“Learning new languages means having more work opportunities”

Alicia Aranda is the head of the Languages Service at our university. Her team has seen a significant increase in the number of students wanting to learn English, while the arrival of international students...

Idiomatic expressions in FRENCH

Each language or dialect has its own unique phrases or idioms. These idioms possess a figurative meaning different from its literal meaning and often cannot be translated into other languages. Idioms are sentences that...

Five Ways to Better Your Spanish When Living in Spain

To live in another country is to live outside your comfort zone, which can be exciting, nerve-wracking, and extremely overwhelming. When I first moved to Spain, I tried to look at every new challenge...

Non-Spanish speaker in Valencia: A Survival Kit

Here you are. Freshly arrived in Spain, and not knowing much Spanish except No hablo español. Thankfully, the International Relations Office at CEU Valencia helps you from even before you arrive. But still, it won’t hurt to have...
The Aquarium, one of the main attractions in Valencia!

¿Hablas español? 5 tips to improve your Spanish while studying

Having lived in Valencia, one of the more conservative Spanish cities for almost a year now has indeed led to the acquisition of the Spanish Language becoming a major goal of mine, based on...

Keep your textbooks close and MAGAZINES closer

A chef needs a good pantry to make a delicious plate. An entrepreneur needs a good investment to develop their idea. A singer, a football player o a ballet dancer need to practice every...
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