The language courses are back and they are here to stay

We renewed ourselves so whatever happens you can keep learning with us. That´s why we decided to start this course incorporating the latest dual/mode approach, Hyflex. This way, you can decide if you want to attend your lessons in person or if you prefer to take part in them online through your CEU UCH Teams account. For now, we use this system to impart Spanish and English courses to which you can subscribe right aquí. In case you would prefer to learn other languages, or learn them in a different way, the university gives you free access to Dexway. This platform allows you to study eight different languages from all of your devices.

It´s time to take advantage of your opportunities

Our society gets more globalized day by day. This means that speaking different languages gets more important day by day. We all know this, but when it´s time to sit down and start learning we all tend to “leave it for tomorrow”. However, when will it be a better time to learn a language then while being a student? One has more free time and needs to put in less effort. The mind is used to learning on a daily basis. In addition, our campus is full of students from all around the world, which gives you a great excuse to practice. If you start learning today, you are opening the door to unlimited opportunities, like being able to live abroad or giving you a higher chance of being employed. The Languages Service gives you the chance of starting right now.


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