The Pharmacy and Medicine students, against osteoporosis and breast cancer.

With the occasion of the World Day Against Breast Cancer and the World Day against Osteoporosis being the 19th and 20th of October, the Pharmacy and Medicine students elaborated and presented some infographics in Spanish class with the purpose of raising awareness on these diseases and explaining how they can be prevented.

The students worked in groups and exchanged opinions about the previously mentioned diseases. The activity was useful, because not only did they exchange opinions, but they also got to know the incidence the diseases have in the various countries where they come from. They also got to see the different awareness campaigns that are created in each one of them.

With the Spanish lessons that we offer from the Languages Service we try to contribute to the whole learning process of the student. It’s because of this that we help them develop the needed skills to unwind themselves both educationally and professionally.


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