Custom-made conversation classes

With 2021, everything seems to me shifting in all areas of our life, and in the Languages Service it was not going to be different. The new circumstances force us to adapt as quickly as possible. In such a changing and globalized environment, it is also logical to think that languages will continue to play a starting role.

One can also take this challenge of learning or improving a language as a New Year’s resolution (those we have started so many times … and we don’t always finish). Being a different year, it is a good time to show yourself that, this time, indeed, you can make it!

We’d like to do our bit, and that is why we are launching our brand-new Virtual Counter. Through it you can book conversation classes in a flexible way, with the teacher you choose and with a wide availability of schedules, thus getting a personalized learning, where you can practice at your own pace and without pressure. You will receive immediate feedback that will encourage you to keep it up.

The available languages to practice conversation are English, Spanish, and German.

In this presentation you will see how easy it is to access the platform from any device. Besides oral sessions, you will also have access to other services, including:

  • Courses and preparation workshops for official examinations
  • Validation of English and Spanish certifications
  • General queries

Get ready, all you need is the motivation, we provide the rest!


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