Spanish courses for Ukranians

At a point in our lives, we would have all wanted to scape from reality. Leaving our home and responsibilities behind and running away where no one can find us. This fantasy seems idyllic at first, but fades away as we return to our corresponding routines.

Disappointment is the feeling that predominates at the beginning, but the truth is that we do not know how to value what we have.
And the question is, have you ever thought about what would happen if your life really took a 360º turn overnight?

This is exaclty what happened to the people of Ukraine.

One day you are living your routine and the next you find yourself collecting the essentials to flee the country to save your life. Wondering what will happen to your people, your home, your job…

And worst of all, the inexplicable pain of having to leave your loved ones behind, in the middle of the conflict, to fight for Ukraine.
This is the case of Ukrainian women. They have had to flee and separate from their husbands and children, only taking with them the enormous question of whether one day they will be able to see each other again.

This flight in search of safety has taken these women to many parts of the planet and this has given them one more obstacle to face: culture shock.

The women who arrived in Valencia need to learn Spanish from scratch. This task, if carried out without any help, can be really tough.

Thus, the Vice Rectors Office for Students has taken the initiative to offer Spanish lessons to Ukrainian women who are dealing with this situation.
In this way, Campus Life and the CEU Languages Service, in collaboration with Pastoral Service and the Chair of Solidarity, have organized a series of classes in which a group of 8 teachers will teach these women the language so they can communicate and make the process more bearable: their stay in our country.

An act of empathy and solidarity that, in the midst of the disaster, has allowed them to see a ray of light at the end of the tunnel.


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