Keep your textbooks close and MAGAZINES closer

A chef needs a good pantry to make a delicious plate. An entrepreneur needs a good investment to develop their idea. A singer, a football player o a ballet dancer need to practice every day to achieve success. Similarly, a Spanish learner needs to have good textbooks; however, I am not going to recommend any textbooks today. How about magazines?

We have available in our reading room the HUB101 a vast variety of magazines with the aim to improve Spanish reading skill as well as the Spanish culture reflected from different editors.

National Geographic

National Geographic Magazine Spain, the magazine of the Yellow Frame, has reached the figure of 1,599,000 readers every month and becoming the most-read monthly magazine in Spain. Its objective is always the same: that the readers feel that they have a visual and photojournalistic treasure in their hands; animals, cultures, environment, history, archeology, extreme science, exploration, religions, cities … There are countless issues addressed by the magazine in its first 20 years of existence.

The motto of National Geographic Spain says it all: “There’s always more to tell”.


The magazine is structured in a way that readers can train their brain from a simple concept to a more complex one. Science, technology, Astrology, health, daily life, art, design, and many more themes to take a closer look. Vivid pictures and schematic diagrams facilitate the reading progress and surely bring you a lot of knowledge.

You can also visit the website:

Punto y coma

The special feature of this magazine is that in each article, the level of Spanish required is written, so readers would feel comfortable when start reading. A first step to access the media that the natives read and listen to!


You just have to read one article per day, which will help you think in Spanish and maybe know more about Spain as well as catch up with the news around the world. You are welcome to borrow magazines from us or read them in our cozy room, the HUB101.


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