Ready to start? Have your seat belt fastened!


How do you feel today? That is the question the Languages Service asks to welcome the new students to CEU. How was your Summer? I hope you had a great one, and now you are ready to start learning a new language or experience the cultural diversity.

Do you remember your first day at school? I saw excited, nervous, happy, confident, shy, confused and surprised faces. They wanted to know many things and ask many questions during the school fair. This year we will keep offering a wide range of Spanish classes to the international students, and English courses for Spanish students to make sure that everyone will have at least B1 level by the end of their studies. Moreover, you are welcome to check out the intensive French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese courses.

We also asked students to write their favorite word in their preferred language and put it in a mystery box. The result was the word LOVE, written in other languages such as Spanish (amor), French (amour), Chinese (ai), German (liebe); followed by the words butterfly (papillon in French, schmetterling in German), habibi (Moroccan) and champion. Anyway, I want to share a fun fact that I found out when we did the game: there are 2 types of reactions, some people could write the word right away while others wondered if they really had a favorite word. Believe me, it was an enjoyable day!!!


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