An intense summer!

This summer, like many others before, at CEU Cardenal Herrera we received a group of international students in July and August from countries such as France, Norway, Turkey, or the United States. Almost 100 students came to our campus to take our Summer Course of Spanish as a Foreign Language and we all, teachers and students, lived an unforgettable experience.

Although all good things must come to an end, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share in our blog some of the most special moments of our summer course. For instance, our kahoots on Spanish culture, irregular verbs, or norms of accentuation in Spanish; or our students’ gymkhana on the first day, which allowed us to discover some of the corners of our beloved Valencia, and take super fun pictures!

We’ve spent mornings playing “Cease the Fire”, “Charades”, and “Hangman”, we’ve watched movies in Spanish (ah Ferdinand… the laughs we shared thanks to you!), and we have created posters with the best vacation destinations in Spain.

However, not all’s work in the summertime, so we took advantage of the afternoons to go for a dip to the swimming pool or for a bike ride in the Turia gardens and the city center.

One of the best days was our Olympiads at the beach. Our team of students competed against one another while going from station to station, accomplishing different challenges (“Hunger Games”-style). From taking a selfie with Spanish beachgoers to spelling “Valencia” using their own bodies, our teams showed that nobody beats them when it comes to being fun and competitive!

And truth be told, from our first day’s information session to the last afternoon where we danced, cooked and ate in the finest Spanish style, this summer course has been full of great moments, great laughter, great ties, and… great nights.


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