Violence is a sign of weakness

This week has been the orange week dedicated to “gender violence”, and here at Ceu in Elche, from the Language Service, we wanted to involve our students so that their voice can be heard through messages written in class.

These messages are simple notes written on orange cards and displayed on bulletin boards but with deep words and intense meanings that should go unnoticed.

For us, all forms of violence have their roots in the irrational fear of losing control over others and it is a sign of great weakness, not strength.

“This year, more than 40 women have been murdered in Spain by their partners or ex-partners. A total of 971 since January 2003, when the counting began”

What can we do to eradicate this?

After discussing this issue with our students, we conclude that the key is PREVENTION. We need a socialization and education based on gender equality that has its origin in the family and continues on through school and friends. We are educated differently and that is why we behave differently.

Prevention must begin in the first stages of life, teaching children in an environment of respect and equality without discriminating or marginalizing anyone for reasons of culture, language, sex or disabilities.

For us: “No violent person should be allowed to touch your heart”


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