Would you like to learn Chinese at the CEU? Come and try!


Are you always interested in trying some new things or looking forward to doing something that is both interesting and challenging? A different language and culture might be a good choice. Since the concept “different language” means different thinking habits and a different culture, a new language may bring you a new world.

As Chinese language is becoming more and more popular with the rapid development of China’s economy, you might do business with Chinese people or travel to China in the future, or maybe you just are interested know more about the Chinese history and culture. In that case, language can always be the key for all of the above.

Just like we did last year, the Languages Service is going to offer Chinese language and culture courses from the end of October. The course has two parts: the first one is formal language class, and the second one is Chinese cultural activities. This year we are going to organize different activities, such as: Chinese traditional instruments, Chinese tea art, making Chinese knots and Chinese paper-cutting, Chinese calligraphy, making Chinese food, interesting topics about China and so on.

Chinese food workshop

Since Chinese is so different from the language you are speaking, you may think it must be very difficult to learn it, especially the Chinese characters. But most of the students were able to master even 50 Chinese characters in just 40 minutes after their first lesson. How could they do it? Try it if you are curious about it.

During the next few days, the teacher Xiao Chun will be offering introductory lessons at the HUB 101. Here is a schedule of events for the next two weeks:

Chinese Paper-cutting


This is not only about the language, but also about having fun and getting to know a new culture. If you would like to join this Chinese course or find out more about it, send an email to hub101@uchceu.es.

We will be waiting for you!

Chinese characters context


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