Pathway: Following in Their Footsteps

Going to study abroad, where they speak another language, eat different food and life just isn’t like is at home is quite a challenge. Adapting to changes is not always easy. Even more so when, just a few months after your arrival, you have to attend courses taught in Spanish: a language you have never studied before. Well, that’s exactly the experience of many Pathway students in the Nursing and Advertising and Public Relations degrees.

Sometimes, hearing the of others and even sharing your own with those who have gone through the same process can help you feel more positive and overcome some of your fears. That is why we invited Zain, Xelha, Carly and Jean-André, second-year Nursing students, to have a chat and exchange views with their fellow students. Pathway students come from countries as diverse as the US, Sweden or Nigeria.

Some Spanish tapas and drinks were served during the meeting. The presentations were given in a very relaxed atmosphere and afterwards everyone could open up and tell their own funny and curious anecdotes (for example, how a vowel can radically change the meaning of the ingredient in a pizza).

Finally, our “veteran” guests offered the new students a series of useful language tips and practical day-to-day advice. Everyone agreed that, although things could be hard at the beginning, this was a unique opportunity that gives you some unforgettable moments and provides the chance to grow both academically and personally.

After the talk, the newcomers felt more confident and eager to face this beautiful challenge.


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