More than just dentists

As you could see in our previous post, based on the experiences of our students in the Spanish classes for Dentistry 2, we worked side by side with Dentistry professors, to ensure that our language courses are in line with the rest of the subjects of the Grade.

The third year classes, in addition to reviewing the contents of general Spanish, focus on the specific vocabulary of the dental profession, and students learn expressions which they can later use during their internships at the university (or at work, if they end up exercising it in Spain). This course we have studied, among other topics:

  • Clinical symptoms and oral diseases
  • Treatments and solutions
  • The dental instruments

In this new post, we present you our students of Dentistry 3, the third year of Spanish, simulating practical cases with patients at the clinic. Steph and Claire apply all the knowledge learned during these three years and add a touch of humour and great interpretative skills.

In the following video you can see Silvia (the patient) and Jaguar (the dentist), representing in a very professional way a consultation for a toothache.

After watching these videos, it is safe to say that, if they finally decide not to dedicate themselves to dentistry, they will have an assured future as actors.

So, if you’d like to communicate with patients the way our students do, you just need to join our Spanish courses. Come by the Languages Service and we will give you more detailed information.


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