Practice Spanish in a VERY funny way


University may be incredibly stressful especially at the beginning or the ending of each term as well it could be overwhelming for international students. Not to forget the fact of being overloaded with work, missing deadlines, on the brink of a breakdown.

However there are some teachers that try to turn that frown upside down with their special methods of teaching. They really try to spice it up and show that university can be fun and extremely interactive and dynamic.

Currently this is what is happening in our Spanish 2 class.

The teachers Raquel and Loly decided to surprise their students by inviting Ms. Mar Jovani, a dentistry professor to the class. The aim of this act was to make the professor play the role of a patient and the students would play the role of the dentist. This left students bewildered yet entertained.

They study Dentistry in English so you can see the struggle when it comes to the translation of such technical terms. She was able to create a sort of game with only one rule. The student must talk to her (as the patient) in Spanish. While it seemed a bit embarrassing at first, it could help boost the confidence of all those learning the language. It is a great method that shows to be successful and enjoyable at the same time. Plus you might even get a few laughs on the way!


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