From Brasil to Elche


Ana Caroline is a student of Business Management who comes from Brazil, from Rio de Janeiro. At Ceu Cardenal Herrera University, in Elche, we had the opportunity to interview her and she told us her experience and the reasons why she came to study here.

Well Ana, tell us: why did you decide to come to Spain to study Business Management?

Well, my sister has been living here for three years and she did the whole process of paperwork and when I knew that I was accepted by the university, I couldn´t  miss the opportunity to come and study here, in Spain.

“I knew all the opportunities the university could offer me apart from studying”

Why did you want to come and do the intensive summer course?

In Brazil, I had Spanish classes at High School but I only practiced writing, never speaking, so I spoke almost nothing in Spanish.

“The intensive summer course gave me the opportunity to meet people who I had to speak Spanish with, even with people who were not native and that meant I had to work hard to be understood”

Ana, what would you highlight from the city of Elche?

Well, I would highlight the tourist places such as “El Huerto del Cura” where we can see a lot of nature and it seems that you are not in a city.

And about the culture?

I really like Spanish music because it reminds me Brazilian music and I also like gastronomy, especially seafood.

If you had to find the differences in the way of living here and in your country, what would you say?

I would talk about the weather because in Brazil it is not as cold or as hot as it is here, in summer. In Brazil we can go to the beach almost all the year. And I would also emphasize that people are very open.

What can you tell us about your adaptation to the classes?

“It was very easy for me to get used to the classes because I had a lot of support, the teachers keep an eye on me and care about me”

If the teachers see that an exam didn´t go very well, they call you to talk about it and we have personal tutors. The support they give me makes being integrated very easy.

What are your plans for the future ?

The first thing is to finish my degree and get the qualification. Then, I will see if I want to move into business or continue with the dream I had before coming here, which is being a flight attendant and using the university as a bridge to learn other languages, as a way to get where I want because I already have a degree.

What would you say to someone from your country who is thinking about coming to study at Ceu university?

 I would tell him or her not to be afraid because I think that what stops people the most is fear.

“When you get here it’s not as difficult as it seems because you see that you are in an environment where they are willing to help you”

The teachers pay attention to you and your future and this is a small university where  teachers and students know each other. You never feel that you are alone, you always know where to go and you are not lost, everything is close to the students.


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