Chinese activities begin!

Are you interested in new cultures? Do you want to do some relaxing and fun handicrafts? Are you one of those who is always passionate about food? Do you know what Chinese traditional instruments sound like? Come to our Chinese workshops, and you will experience all of these exciting things.

Chinese corner

This activity is for those who are interested in practicing the Chinese language. You are welcome to come and talk about anything you like, and we will prepare some interesting videos or Chinese songs for you at the Chinese corner.

Chinese paper cut

Paper-cut is a very distinctive visual art of Chinese handicrafts; they were used during festivals to decorate gates and windows, for example: at a wedding ceremony, red paper cuttings are a traditional and required decoration on the tea set, the dressing table glass, and on other furniture.

It’s a good way to relax your brain and body while making some very beautiful designs.

Chinese knots

Do you like wearing bracelets? Have you ever wanted to try how to make a bracelet by yourself? If so, come to our Chinese knots workshop. Traditional Chinese knots are typical local arts from China. In the Chinese language, “knot” has the meanings of reunion, friendliness, warmth, marriage, love, among other terms. In addition, “knot” and “luck, felicity” have the similar pronunciation, so Chinese knots are often used to express some good wishes including happiness, prosperity, love and kindness.


Chinese traditional instruments

In this workshop, you are going to listen to some unique music played by Chinese traditional instruments. If you like music and want to try some different styles of music, come to our workshop.


Chinese food

Are you passionate about trying new and delicious meals? Then this Chinese food workshops are perfect for you, since you will be able to eat some really good Chinese foods as well as prepare Chinese meals by yourself. Discover all the benefits of Chinese food.

Here you have the timetable for all the activities. All of them will be held at the HUB 101. See you there!


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