5 jobs you could end up working in when studying Advertising

Fashion, sports, politics and NGOs are but a few examples of what we use advertisement for! We listed five cool jobs you could end up working in when studying a degree in Advertising & PR.

Would you like to be a Fashion Publicist?

Ever dreamt of representing a makeup, perfume or clothing brand? Become a Fashion Publicist and this dream will come true!

A Fashion Publicist is the Public Relations (PR) representative of a brand. In other words, s/he oversees brand promotion, especially with the media. Indeed, the job is all about getting the media’s attention to show a brand or a brand’s product in a favourable light to the public; which also includes crisis management.  

Thanks to our side diploma in fashion, you’ll get industry knowledge as well as the skills required to work in the fashion field. As fashion is widely international, a campus like CEU Valencia is perfect!

Ever dreamt of becoming an Influencer?

person taking picture of meals with smartphone

You surely can name some of them. Whether they post amazing travel photos, cooking videos, play video games or give makeup or fashion advice, they are followed and looked up to by millions of people. Thanks to their exposure, influencers are choice partners for brands looking to promote their products. 

The influencer market is thriving. As a result, this is one of the most promising new jobs in advertising. By studying advertising, you can learn the ropes to be a successful Influencer in the “earned media” era and live off what you are keen on! This sounds like a dream job, doesn’t it? 

If you have the skills, you could be a Copywriter too

“Just do it”, “Think different”, “I’m loving it”. You certainly know these catchphrases and can link them back to their brand. They were thought through and written by a Copywriter.

A Copywriter is a creative who plays with words. S/he uses them to convince people and achieve marketing or communication objectives for a client. Freelance or Agency Copywriters can write for a wide variety of clients and everything from slogans, web pages and sometimes entire scripts for TV spots.  

Most jobs in advertising are about teamwork and Copywriter is a great example. Indeed, a Copywriter works alongside the Creative team, with an Art Director and a Creative Director supervising them. Together they come up with unique, engaging, and creative ideas to provide the client with the advertising campaign that best meets their needs. If you like words, challenges and if you are creative, this job is for you!

Imagine working as a Social Media Manager!

Make the most of the time you spend on social media to earn a living out of it! As the importance of online reputation is rising, social media skills are in high demand. New jobs in advertising now only focus on social media. Why not becoming a social media manager? You would ensure that your client’s social media platforms are optimized to help secure brand reputation or image 

As most companies or people are on social media, your possibilities are endless. Thanks to our side diploma in Political Marketing, you could for instance be managing the accounts of a politician!

You can always be an Art Director

person sketching on tracing paper

Images, colours, shapes, photographs… Art Directors are the ones taking care of the visual aspect of an ad. They work with the Copywriter and the Creative Director to come up with a final advertising campaign. Then, it’s about having imaginative ideas and finding a way to represent them.  

As said before, teamwork is an essential part of an Art Director’s daily life as s/he works closely with the Copywriter and the Creative Director. 

This can also be linked to Design studies 


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