Tomiris, a breath of fresh air

We met her during one of our last Open Days for international students. She had a lot of questions about our University, her future studies in Communication and she came here with a very clear objective. She wanted to know if we were going to live up to her expectations.

Today Tomiris is one of our students at CEU Valencia! We meet her to talk about challenges, efforts and future that is waiting for her. Because the world is full of opportunities for those who are willing to take advantage of them, just like Tomiris. No fear, because that word doesn’t exist in her vocabulary.

International student of Communication
Tomiris came from Kazakhstan to CEU Valencia to pursue her dream of becoming a professional in Communication

Hi Tomiris, it seems that for you there is no challenge that you couldn’t overcome. Not only have you decided to study our international itinerary in Communication, but you are also doing a double degree. What made you think about studying Advertising and CAV?

From a very young age I wanted to study many different things. First, fashion design; later, nutrition. There was also a moment in my life when I wanted to study law to protect the rights of women and children.

When I arrived to Valencia I started studying at a private international school that organized visits to different universities. One of them was CEU Valencia. It was that moment when I thought: “If I am already a photographer and I like producing and editing videos so much … Maybe I could study Audiovisual Communication?” My mother offered me even a better alternative, which was to find out if there was a possibility of studying a double degree. So, I could combine Advertising and Public Relations with Audiovisual Communication, which is sure to be something that will help me to find a job in the future.

“The international atmosphere is like a breath of fresh air. Being surrounded by people from different backgrounds broadens your horizon.”

With Public Relations I think I could do something related to politics or fashion industry. Also, with the most technical part of CAV, I could get to collaborate with Tarantino, which is my biggest dream!

To be honest, my double degree was a very last minute decision. But I don’t regret it at all. Seeing the facilities and technical equipment of the university, I cannot wait to participate in the classes where I will be able to try everything and see it with my own eyes!

International student visits our facilities
Tomiris during her visit to CEU Valencia on our last Open Day for international students

Why did you choose Valencia to start your career in communication?

Since I was little I always wanted to learn Spanish and live in Europe. So, as soon as I had the opportunity to come to Spain and settle in Valencia, a city full of traditions culture, I felt very happy. It was a time already to turn my dream into reality.

Of course, when I got here, I also had my difficulties because not everyone speaks English. However, this challenge has also helped me to grow and mature. Now, even the locals tell me that I speak their language very well, and that has also helped me feel accepted and integrated, something that is not always easy when you come from a foreign country.

I love learning new things, especially about new cultures: it’s amazing to get to know Spanish traditions and see how locals live them.

What do you like most about your studies here?

What I like most is my class, it’s so diverse! I have colleagues from Latin America, Iceland, France … And we are all different, both by age and by our cultural context. I love that international and diverse environment. For example, when we work on the subject “Theory of Communication”, we all compare the situation in our countries because, at the end of the day we all have our own way of communicating. And that is very enriching.

For me, the international environment is like a breath of fresh air. Maybe it’s because I’ve studied at international school, I love traveling and I like to meet new people. It’s something I can ve proud of: my friends come from all corners of the world, from North America to Tokyo. Surrounding yourself with such diverse people enriches your vision of the world. I am more and more open, my horizon is becoming wider. I would say it makes you analyze practically any topic from a much wider perspective.

“Creativity and strategy need to blend in perfectly, both in Advertising and in Audiovisual Communication.”

Here I am meeting people with very different cultural and family contexts, and that makes me learn something new every day. I would tell you that when I came to Valencia, I was just a little girl. I have noticed that young people are more mature and more courageous here: they know very well what they want. And at the same time, they have a relaxed attitude and a lot of self-confidence.

Going back to your studies, what do you think are the main advantages of studying a double degree? How are you living this challenge?

First, you get two official degrees in five years, so at the level of employment prospects it is clear that it has many advantages: you have twice as many opportunities and you can probably access higher-level positions. I do not want to close any doors and I see myself working in politics, in fashion, in advertising… Or making a movie with Tarantino. Basically, it gives you many options and I plan to take advantage of them all.

International student of Communication
Her thoughts on the qualities a good communicator should have

It is clear to us that Quentin Tarantino is one of your great idols!

My dream would be to make movies with him. I want to know how he produces them and the process of making interests me, too. His films are so intense and inspiring, like Kill Bill or Inglourious Basterds, which are my favorites.

Well now you’re going to make an important decision. I’m going to name some of the universities where you could do your Erasmus + and you’ll have to choose only one of them. And of course, tell me why you have chosen it. The options are the following: University of Malmö (Sweden), the Freie Universität in Berlin (Germany), the Arteveldehogeschool in Ghent (Belgium) and the University of Volda (Norway). One, two, three… answer!

Without a lot of thinking, either Sweden or Norway. I have already visited both countries and I love them. Especially for its people who are so friendly and so open. And I also like the way communication works there, the messages they send to the public and the way they do it.

If you had to give an advice to a 17-year-old who is thinking about studying something related to communication …

First of all, think if you really want to dedicate yourself to this. There are people who study journalism, but who don’t like writing. There are many subjects, many practices and a lot of work to do. So, first of all, do a research on studies you want to do.

Another advice would be the following: do not complain because there is a lot of work. Without effort, there won’t be any results.

And finally, get ready to compete. There are many challenges, and here you are already competing with your colleagues to find the best job in the future.

And what do you think CAV, Advertising and Public Relations have in common?

For all of them you need creativity, you need to be very analytical in order to develop strategies and, obviously, you have to be very clear about your objective. It is important if you don’t want to lose perspective of the creation process or the strategy that you are going to follow while developing your idea. Creativity and strategy have to be very united, both in Advertising and in Audiovisual Communication.

“My advice for new students: Without effort there won’t be any results.”

To be a good communicator you have to be creative, have confidence in yourself and know how to prioritize. Also, you have to know what you are doing and why you are doing it, why you take one decision and not another.

International student in our University
In front of the TV & Radio Studios, home for students of Audiovisual Communication at CEU Valencia

And speaking of challenges, where do you think is the biggest challenge in communication right now?

In social media. You have to be constantly creating new things, making social networks as engaging and as entertaining as possible. Of course, there is a negative part in everything: social media can also cause addiction.

Tomiris forget to mention some other of the great qualities a good communicators must have: perseverance and determination. She definitely has them and that’s why we predict a great future in this extremely complicated and exciting career!

Good luck with your Double Degree in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising and Public Relations.

Tarantino, watch out for Tomiris!


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