Advertisers without borders: multinational teams and real clients

Advertising students from CEU Valencia travelled to Belgium where this years IP EUTA was celebrated. Our institution was the only Spanish university to take part in this international educational project.

One year on and 15 of University CEU Cardenal Herrera’s Advertising students have had the opportunity to take part in a unique educational experience, working in transnational teams with the task of designing an advertising campaign for a real client. This years Intensive Program EUTA took place in Amberes with the client being beer company Liefmans. Once again, CEU Valencia was the only Spanish university to take part in this ambitious program.

This year’s challenge was to create a launch campaign for Liefmans Fruitesse Alcohol Free. After working in their respective universities – in Germany, Holland, Belgium and Spain – on the mandatory market research of the brand and the new product, the future advertisers got together in the Belgian city and built their multinational teams. From this point on they worked intensely throughout the week, with the support from some Masters classes and professors in order to complete their advertising proposals. According to the CEU IP EUTA organiser, the result “has been beyond satisfactory, the quality and finishing touches of the campaigns have really surprised the client.”

With out a doubt the people that are the most satisfied with the results of the IP EUTA are the students that took part in this international educational experience. Just as CEU Advertising student Bianca Pérez puts it: “Working in teams that we wouldn’t normally work in is probably the thing that stands out the most from this experience. Not only did we get to know people from different countries, something that is always very fun, but we also got to work with each other for the entire week.” “It was such a useful experience for gaining an understanding of other country’s points of view with regards to advertising and creativity but it was also a week of growth for everyone that took part.”

Her classmate Jacinta Sospedra adds, “It’s not just about working hard and finding the best solution for the campaign. We also had free time to discover the beautiful city of Amberes and explore all the different things that a week abroad offers. We really got to know the group of people and learn about the different European countries which made this experience a lot more interesting.”

Jacinta and Blanca took part in the event with Luis de Gregorio, Nuria Roche, Raquel Navarro and Laura Jaén who are also Advertising students at CEU.

An established educational project

The CEU Advertising Staff are very clear on the value of the IP EUTA project. Pepe Martínez states, “it unites students and professors from international institutions with academic prestige and a creative spirit with regards to education and training.”

A project that perfects efficient and multicultural teaching on specialised themes, it awards students with excellent academic results, allowing them to take part in a learning experience outside of the classrooms and as well as allowing these students and professors to work together in multinational teams.

To summarise these intensive international programs Martínez concludes, “they continue to better prepare students to be future professionals who can confront future challenges in the work place.”

The IP EUTA is celebrated in a different country every year. In 2020 it will take place in Holland and, once again, the Advertising students from the Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera will take part and the French university ISCOM Paris will join them.

But before that, CEU will return to Belgium to attend the ISP Marpe and the Marpe Diplo: an Intensive Study Program focusing on Public, Civic and Corporative Diplomacy.


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