Why you should study Advertising

Do you know how many brands, logos and ads you see everyday? Probably more than you could count. As a result, it’s easy to forget they are even here and that people worked on them! Let me list five reasons why you should study advertising. 

Advertising is everywhere– why not be a part of it?

Every now and then, an advertising campaign strikes us because it’s brilliant, different, or because it made us laugh. Studying PR & Advertising provides you with the opportunity to be part of making these ads.

Whether you prefer to be a strategist and think about a new concept or a creative getting the strategy rolling, you will enjoy the challenging and fast-pace environment of advertising. 

It’s a vast world: you will find something for you

NGOs, music, books, sports, politics, fashion… everything you care about is communicated upon today. Consequently, studying PR & Advertising can lead to a large variety of jobs and opens endless possibilities.

How amazing would that be to advertise for your favourite brand or to help make a difference by working for an NGO? Promoting what you have at heart sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  

Get practical experience

Advertising is a field of study that requires practical training. Sure, theory is important. But learning on the job, being aware of what is happening around you, and critical thinking are a great part of what it means to work in this field.

By Studying PR & Advertising, you get to work with other students on projects and thus receive hands-on training which will be a plus when entering the professional world. 

Let the creation begin

Creativity is central in advertising. You will be able to come up with out-of-the-box ideas. Unleash the creative in you and dare to go where no one ever went: you’re free.

Armed with post-its and a brainstorming board, you will also get to experience teamwork through projects. Two creatives are better than one! 

Go global: Study advertising abroad

Creativity is deeply rooted in curiosity and experiences. Discovering new cultures, places and people is therefore part of what is needed to be a skilled communicator.

With our Spanish Pathway to Advertising, you can start your studies in English and continue in Spanish the following years. And all of this happens at the widely international campus of CEU Valencia. 


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