The impact on the patients’ lives, that’s my reason for studying Dentistry

Her smile gives it away: perfect, aligned, and healthy. As a future dentist, Oriana gives great importance to dental health and aesthetics. As the good Venezuelan she is, she is also attentive and hard-working – a student as bright as her own smile!

She arrived here at CEU Valencia a year and a half ago and, together with her sister Maite, started a new academic and life adventure in Spain. If you ever visit our Dental Clinic, it might be her who will help you to smile.

What was it that made her want to study Dentistry? That is what our peer, friend and future dentist Oriana talked to us about:

Oriana, a Venezuelan student studying at CEU UCH

“In a way, I was related to the world of dentistry from a young age, because I had several acquaintances, neighbours and members of family in the profession; among them, my older sister, who always drew my attention to all the things that she told me about and did, even though I was very small when she was studying. However, I did not have the opportunity to go to work with her much because as soon as she graduated she went to Argentina to do postgraduate studies in orthodontics and later went on to live in Australia with her husband.

Double trouble: Oriana and her sister Maite, in the classrooms at CEU Valencia

During my teenage years I had to have orthodontic treatment; I received guidance from my sister and I went to the dentists that she recommended me. When I was receiving treatment I felt that I liked this career and it was one of the first ones I considered when I had to make the decision of what to study. Additionally, during one of the visits I made to my sister in Australia, I had the opportunity to work as her assistant in the dental clinic where she worked. There I was able to see the progress of each of the patients who visited the clinic, since they initially came in with a situation that they did not like and which they were self-conscious about or simply their oral situation was not quite right. Seeing the change in them at the end of the treatment, seeing how happy and grateful they were reinforced my passion for dentistry. Then I decided for definite it was what I wanted to study and so far I think it was the best decision.

The time we have to choose what we want to study is undoubtedly the most difficult and important one of our adolescence, because we have to be sure about what we really would like to do. Although, sometimes being so sure about it turns out to be very complicated, therefore we have to imagine ourselves in the future, doing what we like the most. In my case I must admit that even in the first year of my degree I was not sure about my decision, but with the passage of time I realised that it is what I am really passionate about and I simply don’t imagine doing anything else in the future.”

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Translated by: Emily Mizon


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